River City Revue Burlesque

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Thank you everyone that made it out to the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival to see one of our Two Productions! Both "A Feast of the Gods" and " BurlesqueProv" got 4 star reviews! (posted below)

You have lots of chances to see us this September, starting with the Edmonton Burlesque Festival! The Edmonton Burlesque Centre will have our brand new Calendar on sale as well as our new postcard series! So make sure you get your tickets! http://edmontonburlesquefest.com/

On September 14, we will also be performing at the Blue Revue! VUE Weekly's dirty film festival, with a grand prize of $1000! Check out the submission details and get sexy with us! http://www.bluerevue.ca/

Our Burly mama is helping out with the unofficial Edmonton Expo After Party " Geek Out: Unforgivingly Nerdy Burlesque" There will be burlesque, a lightsaber battle and prizes for best costume! Get your tickets now https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/geek-out-an-unforgivingly-nerdy-burlesque-tickets-27266774657

Check out our fringe reviews!

If you’re searching for an evening of tantalizing fun and hilarity, look no further than River City Burlesque’s Burlesque-Prov. This lively and immersive experience is dominated by the performers and their provocative displays of talent, but additional layers of improvisation and audience interaction lend a new sense of fun and engagement to the whole display. Audiences get to pick the songs and themes for the performances—a rarity in something as artist-focused as burlesque. There are also wild themes and costumes that add immensely to the racy entertainment. If you have an evening free you must see this exiting, tactful, and engaging display of sensual skill and humor. 
-4 stars,  Edmontonfringe.ca

A Feast of the Gods

River City Burlesque knocks it out of the park yet again in this fun, hilarious, and educational sexy romp through Greek Mythology. With a plot revolving around a party on Mount Olympus it isn’t difficult to be immediately intrigued by the racy plot. With interludes of hilarious character interaction and tactful implementation of actual Greek history between the burlesque performances it’s a guaranteed laugh as well as a desirable way to spend an evening at the Fringe. If you happen to have an evening open and want to have a truly unique and enjoyable learning experience, this is a show that one has to experience first hand.
- 4 stars, Edmontonfringe.ca

Zeus is a woman who throws a reconciliation soiree on Mount Olympus following a tiff with her wife Hera in this camped-up take on Greek myth.

All the important gods and even a few mortals are coming, invitations delivered by Hermes, the immortal messenger fabulously decked out in his short tunic.

But the sections of dialogue, including narration by two sassy hand puppets, are really just inserted as bridges to link an hour-long sexy dance party.

Each of the characters — performed, according to the program, by a cast including Kiki Quinn, Beau Creep, Hyde Bodies, Betsy Rider and Portia de Saucy — strips down to the skimpiest bits of underwear, or strips in reverse, to exuberant pop or dance music.

The staging isn’t slick, the acting quality varies and the plot isn’t important, although Hermes does get a good line when told that Hades is angry because he wasn’t invited to Zeus’s bash: “Oh, well, Hades got to hate.”

If that type of entertainment is your cup of mead, go shake your toga to the beat.

- 3 stars, Edmonton journal

River City Revue Burlesque (RCR) is an Edmonton, Alberta based troupe that takes inspiration from classic striptease and American burlesque. 

RCR combines high production value, political satire and of course their womanly wiles, to culminate in a glamorous and unforgettable show!